Obsessed with data,

About Us

Inspired by design.

Our Digital Marketing Firm

KPI Convert is a digital marketing agency comprised of savvy marketers, innovative creatives and data junkies. We feel that every digital marketing campaign is unique and should be treated as such – Each client brings a different challenge to the table and it is our goal to craft campaigns and build web assets to solve these challenges. 

Our edge

We go beyond just problem solving

The experts at our digital marketing firm leverage the digital space to continuously improve performance, uncover new territory and bridge the gap from mediocrity to superiority.

We do this through a variety of digital marketing and website design services. It’s our belief that the right hand should always be talking to the left – Which is why our digital marketing experts work in tandem with our creative and technology teams to build solutions that share common goals,  strategies and vision.

Our Motto

“Never waver, never lose focus and always be accountable.”

We’re Your Partner

And we’ll stay by your side

Clients trust our advertising agency with their brand, which is why we approach every relationship with an enormous sense of responsibility and a commitment to performance. We don’t stop in month-one, or year-one, for that matter. We believe in the power of partnership and embrace the challenges that the journey presents us, all while keeping our eye on the results of our efforts. And we do it all, from our humble little abode in beautiful Portland, Maine.

Meet Our Team

KPI Convert is a determined bunch. Cultivating, nurturing and growing every client relationship by keeping our eye on the results ball is how we roll. Learn more about who we are, where we’ve been & why we’re here.

We’re hiring

KPI Convert is hiring and on the prowl for talented and passionate folks looking for a unique working experience. We’d love to hear from you if you’re in the Portland, ME area about working for our digital marketing firm.

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Tell us about you