Lead Generation Programs

Lead Generation Programs

Our Lead Generation Services

KPI Convert has rich history in creating and managing digital lead generation programs. We believe that all lead generation programs need to be working in sync and leveraging each other to get the most qualified traffic, leads and sales.

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Our Process

Each demand generation program we work on aims to reduce cost-per-lead, boost lead quality and increase overall lead volume. Additionally, our programs also focus on lead nurturing and moving the sales process through targeted drip campaigns, re-marketing efforts and other strategies designed to keep you pipeline informed and active. We also use validation systems to ensure our clients are getting an efficient and qualified return on their digital marketing spend and lead generation efforts.

We work hand in tandem with our clients to build programs that are successful, dependable and capable of readjusting on the fly. We understand your pipeline is the lifeblood of your business – KPI Convert helps keep it full through ROI-focused lead programs that produce results.

Specific Services

B2B and B2C Lead Generation Programs

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Lead Scoring and Qualification

Conversion Rate Optimization

Lead Nurturing Strategies

Customer Retention Strategies

Lead Generation Supporting Creative Services

Social Lead Strategies

Online Sweepstakes and Promotion Strategies

Behavioral Based Email Marketing Programs

CRM and Software Integration

Integration with Offline Programs

Featured Client Example

If there is one thing we know well, it’s woman’s health and beauty. KPI Convert has a rich history of taking both new and existing products in this vertical and amplifying their message, value and awareness across many different digital channels.

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